I think I will….
In an ongoing qwest to improve the staples in my diet to heart and wasitline friendly ones, I discovered an excellent alternative to French onion dip for Blue corn tortilla chips (my Fave) and a thick slathering of butter on my toast. What could this versatile concoction be?  Well, we discovered this tasty snack-or-meal-time innovation while car camping last weekend.

The acorn sqaush we roasted on the grill at about 500 degrees for quite a while until very tender, about 40 minutes. This was after dicing the squash into cubes and adding canola oil, dried oregano, a light sprinkling of salt and pepper and one small, chopped, fresh shallot. It was one of the most tender and scrumptous highlights of our meal!

In the morning I spread the super tender squash onto my toast, like butter, and am now trying to make sure my fridge remains stocked with this amazingly tasty spreadable treat!

When I made it the next time I added finely chopped fresh oregano and rosemay as well as 2 diced carrots and skipped the oil completely. I roasted the squash in my oven at home for about 20 minutes before trying to cut it, as it seemed to be an especially thick skinned one.

I hope you enjoy this heart healthy and seasonal spread as a subsititue for buttery or otherwise creamy and oil heavy ones!

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