Seek help to heal from an injury and don’t allow pain from an acute injury to become a lifelong issue. 

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Auto Accident Injury can cause lasting effects to the body.



 If you have suffered from injury in an accident of any kind or experienced an auto injury then you should know that hands on medical care including Acupuncture is an important part of the recovery from a traumatic injury. This is because of the unique way acupuncture works to relieve inflammation, reduce pain, and help speed the rate of tissue healing. By increasing the flow of blood and vital nutrients to injured tissues, while carrying the toxic bi-products of inflammation away from the injury it actually catalyzes the healing process, while gently relieving pain and restoring the proper flow between tissues.

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The neurological impact of acupuncture and other treatments that effect the parasympathetic nervous stock-photo-47821104-pain-in-the-neck-painful-area-of-red-colorsystem is vitally is important as well. This “fight or flight” system often kicks in to overdrive after an injury; inhibiting sleep, causing anxiety and restlessness, lack of concentration, poor digestion and limiting the ability of new tissue growth. This system can take years to return to balance on its own, and acupuncture has a proven impact on helping restore that balance.