We all appreciate a little price break now and then, to tend to our own needs with a bit less punch to the pocket, but it can be especially difficult to find the extra dollars for personal health care when on a fixed budget – as is the case with many retired individuals and students alike! We want to continue to offer our patients the same high quality care throughout their lives and we know people’s circumstances can change drastically from one year to the next.

For this reason we are bringing a “Late Booking” special to the appointment schedule, which allows Seniors (over 65) and Students (with student ID) an opportunity to receive Acupuncture at a big┬ádiscount, making this medicine affordable for all levels of income, while allowing us the means by which we can give this substantial discount. Seniors who have no insurance coverage for Acupuncture, or who have exhausted their benefits for the effective term, can schedule an appointment for 1-7 days from the date odnlbkrxf booking and pay just $35.00! Students (who have no insurance coverage for Acupuncture, or who have exhausted their benefits for the effective term) can do the same, scheduling up to one week in advance for just $50.00 per session.

We know how vital this medicine can be to maintain vitality and flexibility, regulate internal balance throughout periods of high stress, help individuals limit the use of pain medications or avoid invasive procedures, and overall in navigating the complex changes our bodies undergo with the passing of time in every phase of life. We know this, and we want our patients to know that we are an accessible resource for them throughout all of those phases, and that we can make adjustments to accommodate them. The top priority here is health of our patients. If you have questions about how to make Acupuncture work in to your budget that aren’t answered here, get in touch directly and we can discuss your discount and payment options.

Click on the “Schedule Now” Button and look for the Senior and Student Acupuncture under “Services”. We look forward to seeing your Student and Senior discounted “Late Bookings” filling our schedule this Fall!