Welcoming Dr. Melissa Woodyard, ND to the clinic! We are so grateful to be able to bring her unique skills and experience to our community! Here is a morsel about just one of those, Food Intolerances:
Fresh fruits and vegetables are the OG source of vital nutrients and the best Qi that we can gain from food! Even sodreamstimemedium_12315152, each individual is different and some folks cannot tolerate fruit, others peppers or nightshades, for some it’s potatoes, dairy or wheat. What about you? Have you noticed certain foods give rise to achey joints, skin irritation, restlessness? Food intolerance testing can be an easy and accurate way to get to the bottom of what foods, or food combinations, are actually harming your health. You can now access reliable Food Intolerance Testing with Dr. Melissa Woodyard at Wellness At The Center. Call today or check her website to find out more! http://doctormelissand.com