Fire cupping is amazing myofascial release that invigorates the body’s tissues with fresh circulation of vital nutrients while flushing out the toxic metabolic waste – a natural product of cellular metabolism – that can accumulate in tense muscles. As well as being an excellent therapy200274309-001 for muscle pain and tightness, this is a great adjunctive therapy for any detoxification or weight loss program. Be sure to set aside time to hydrate and rest after your appointment for best results and see the rest of the article for information on what to expect and what to do following your treatment. You can schedule your first appointment online today and discuss with your provider having this as the first of a series of four weekly sessions as part of a 21 day purification program.

When our muscles are tight as a result of stress, repetitive motion or injury, our body’s natural flushing of waste does not occur as effectively.  We end up with more accumulation of metabolic waste – a natural bi product of cellular metabolism – that contributes toward increased congestion in the area, more tension and pain. People often describe cupping as feeling like some kind of amazing – reverse massage that helps loosen tight knots or trigger points.

Cupping is a unique form of myofascial release that not only loosens tight muscles but greatly stimulates circulation in an area, infusing it with increased blood flow (and therefore Qi flow) to flush out toxins and bring in vital nutrients in to those tissues. The fresh blood flow supplies injured tissues and microfiber muscle tears with the necessary components to heal. Without that unencumbered circulation and free flow, healing can be a very slow process.

The elimination of toxins is another vital aspect.  The toxic loads we place on our bodies in this modern age is immense; everything around us contains potentially toxic agents. This is in addition to the natural detoxifciation and elimination processes our bodies are constantly undergoing anyway, as nutrients are processed and used, tissues in need of constant (even if microscopic) repairs and wastes are excreted.

Every now and then, it is extremely important to give our bodies a boost in this detox effort. We can take a few weeks and reduce the potential toxic load we are expsoed to by selectively consuming only things that assist the detoxification process and nothing that places an additional load on our major organs of detoxification like our liver, kidneys and skin.

If you are interested in using cupping as part of a total body cleanse, our detoxification program includes:

  • Complete health evaluation with personal recommendations
  • Series of 4-weekly cupping treatments
  • Auricular acupuncture at each treatment and pressure point beads on the ears for acupressure at home between visits
  • The “Standard Process 21 Day Purification Kit” (a $247 value)
  • Dry skin brushing instructions to help detoxify naturally through the body’s largest organ and a natural bristle brush

Right now, the package is available for only $495.00. Schedule the first in this series online as “Fire Cupping Detoxification Package” or by calling today.