Most people understand that Acupuncture can relieve stress… the link below is for an article that helps illuminate why this is true. It hasbeach2560x1600rm1 been known for a long time that stress has a negative impact on overall health.  Consistent high levels of stress produce hormonal imbalances that can inhibit the immune system, deplete the adrenal function, disrupt sleep, send the body in to a hyperactive immune response and generally place undue strain on our delicately balanced human bodies.  This adds up to wearing out our systems at an accelerated pace.

There are so many ways that are found to positively combat this stress fatigue, from yoga to reading,  jogging or other regular cardiovascular exercise, knitting or additional focus on relationships and recreation.  Acupuncture is unique in that it has a direct effect on the balance of our hormones and neurochemistry.
“Acupuncture Relieves Stress: New Understanding Of Why The Ancient Practice Eases Anxiety”

In addition to the application of fine needles (think hair-sized, sterile, strong and flexible) at specific prescribed points along the body’s Meridian pathways, an Acupuncturist will examine the individual’s vital signs and constitution, collecting a complete history from the patient. There are many practices that one can engage in daily life, with disrupting normal activities, that will help reduce anxiety and stress. Often I engage a Deep breathing exercise with my patients, using diaphragmatic breathing to begin to center energy and Qi in their lower Dan Tian and offer a grounded center from which to operate. This deep Breathing  is just one important tool that can be put to use while working, shopping, waiting in line etc to access the body’s own  natural calming resources.

Other techniques will generally be prescribed as needed by each individual as well as the use of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions to help address the root of the imbalance or cause. Depending upon each patient and their severity or need for intervention, these additional modalities are utilized to regain a balanced level of healthy stress in their lives: Herbal Medicine, Meditation techniques, breath work and Nutritional Counseling.