Advanced Trainings in Myofascial TechniquesAdvanced Myofascial Technique training provides in depth, hands on skills that translate in to amazing release and relief for chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues.  Trent Wilson, LMT describes his experience with learning and using these skills.

Three years ago I was able to do an in-depth study of these Myofascial Techniques as part of a 50 hour licensure requirement for my continuing education. This opportunity to dive deeply in to “Courses in Advanced Myofascial Techniques” made it possible to bring these tools with confidence to my work – confidence that has been repeatedly transferable in treating my clients. The “Advanced Trainings” series provide cutting edge therapeutic skills to massage therapists who are serious about their work and desire the maximum potential individual wellness outcome for their clients.

The video gives a brief overview of an Advanced Myofascial Technique that I have experienced both as therapist and client, for mobilizing the hip. It can be extremely beneficial for individuals with low back, hip, leg and knee pain and tightness. The result is immediate increased range of motion and mobility. I must stress that, with techniques such as this, the massage therapist must establish clear and strong communication with the patient with regard to level of pressure and also to provide appropriate breathing cues.

This specific technique is not standard with all sessions, rather it is used as part of a individualized treatment plan, such as advised for people suffering a traumatic injury such as an MVA (motor vehicle accident), athletic injury (any sport), other repetitive motion injury recovery or specific medical diagnosis (sciatica/pseudo sciatica).

I invite readers to follow the link below for additional Advanced Myofascial Techniques video sessions and choose the therapy that is right for you. You can then make your appointment with me, Trent Wilson, LMT, by calling Wellness At The Center or schedule directly online at: If you need advice on how to plan your care, free phone consultations are always available.

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– Trent Wilson, LMT


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